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Launch a lead-generating product directory

monthly visitors

Every day, 1 million leads visit an AI product directory

Source of Truth

Directories are a trusted source of high-quality information for professional software buyers

Easy to Navigate

Directories are well organized and extensively tagged, making product purchasing decisions easy

483,519 AI products were featured on directories last quarter

Product discovery is booming

Become a source of truth for potential customers

A 🧺 of benefits

Bring your corporate marketing strategy into the AI era

Christopher Travers

Founder, Travers Tech

Company websites offer presence, but product directories offer power.

Rather than investing your entire marketing budget into promoting your brand on social platforms, product directories give you access to an evergreen lead-generating platform of your own.

Very few teams know how to build a proper directory in their niche. That's why I developed Arfi.

Strengthen your content marketing to "closed won" pipeline

Expand your presence in search engines beyond just your company website

Establish your brand as a trusted authority by giving valuable information away

Organically attract and passively engage your target over time

Answer your target's growing need to learn about artificial intelligence

High-quality collateral to advance new and ongoing sales conversations

Enhance your influence, credibility, and utility among leads and customers

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